Conways is a leading host to have rich experience in international or national business. We attract decision makers to be involved in, to enjoy, and to gain a lot. You can call us “a conference organizer”, but we offer much more value than the three words.

 Meet your target clients, understand the up-to-date trends in a short period of time, find innovative thought on the business model and maximize the value of your enterprises, etc. Communicating & networking in summits by different participating ways will benefit you more than what you want originally.

Panel Discussion

Panelists chat around to make summits more lively and active. The best chances for you to benefit from interaction with others. 

Keynote Speech
A 30-40 minute presentation to clarify newly policy, markets forecast, technology development analysis, case sharing, strategy globally, etc.

Special areas are given to exhibitors to display themselves. Decorate your exhibitions and decorate your business.  

Cocktail Party
Attendees enjoy the food and drink, capture the business information in the glamorous party, Drink with potential business partners, what else you expect for?
One-to-One Meeting

Find your targets, and we arrange one to one meetings on site for you with them. Simple ways to process your business and image your brand. 

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